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    Simple freight elevator/hydraulic lift platform QSJY2-4B


  • 232021-11

    How to choose the right lift platform for you

    In today's social life, many fields and places are inseparable from the use of lifting platforms. Due to the needs of cargo transportation and loading and unloading, auxiliary loading and unloading equipment is indispensable. As a vertical lifting and low

  • 122021-11

    What is a car lift platform?

    The car lifting platform is a vertical lifting and lifting equipment with a large work surface and a large single scissor fork, which is specially used for transporting small cars. It is mainly used in the transportation of small cars on different floors,

  • 222021-10

    Lift safety operation rules

    1. Before use, remove the utensils and sundries that hinder the operation near the lift, and check whether the operating handle is normal. 2. The operating mechanism is sensitive and effective, and the hydraulic system is not allowed to crawl.

  • 242021-09

    About the way the hydraulic lifting platform controls the hydraulic speed

    The speed control circuit is a circuit that controls the movement speed and speed switching of the actuator in the hydraulic system of the hydraulic lifting platform. The main control methods are valve control, pump control and actuator control. Commonly

  • 222021-07

    How to maintain the car lift platform

    The four-post car lift platform can transport the car vertically during car maintenance, and can cross obstacles for high-altitude operations with simple operation. In order to ensure that the lifting platform can work efficiently, we should carry out the

  • 162021-07

    How to ensure the safety performance of the lifting platform

    There are many kinds of lifting platforms, although there are great differences between them, but one thing is the same, that is, safety issues must be paid attention to during use.

  • 152021-01

    举升机是一种是通过编辑液压提升设备控制两缸的运动方向的机械设备,在使用中会产生一定分贝的噪音。正常的声音控制在20分贝左右,而一旦超过30分贝就意味着有问题。 举升机噪音太大是什么原因导致的的?

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